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2019 Kitchen Granite Countertops Trends

2019 Kitchen  Granite Countertops Trends

granite worktops London

Granite worktops London


UK weather will begin to change and and become more hot. With this in mind many people are beginning to plan their homes, kitchens, and other outdoor living spaces. When making selections for your kitchen countertops,

Natural stone countertops have grown in popularity across the United Kingdom. These days, many top designers are reporting that the majority of their clients are choosing this natural stone over granite and other countertop options. When it comes to colors, there are many granite shades to choose from they are many things to keep in mind when determine what stone kitchen worktops  to use:

Granite Countertops Uses

Granite countertops are so classic and timeless that they seem to be trending year after year. Granite is an extremely durable material that’s heat and stain resistant, making for extremely convenient cooking. It also comes in a huge range of colors and styles, so you can choose granite kitchen countertops that suit your home perfectly. Granite countertops continue to be one of the best investments you can make in your home.

1) The type of stone. Many people like quartz, but for the most part you cannot use it outside. Some Quartz colours cannot be used with heat, such as a firepit, and some other colours cannot be exposed to the outdoor elements like rain and sunshine. This is due to the fact that there is dye used to produce the stone and the elements can change the color of the stone. Granite countertops are the most recommended for the outside, Dark granite worktops being the best material. The granite countertops can handle heat the best, where as some granite are too brittle for outdoor use. This is especially important in UK kitchens experiences all four season therefore the stone will be expanding and contracting with the weather.

2) Color of the stone should also be taken into account. Black stones can be very HOT during the summer. Think about getting your car in the summer with a leather black interior. Your black granite can be like that outside. Therefore if using black stone make sure it is not in the direct sunlight.

3) Consult your granite sales person/fabricator about the integrity of the stone outside. As mentioned earlier some stones perform better outside than others. Granite with a lot of crystal or sparkles is not ideal for the outdoors because of the expansion and contraction as mentioned earlier. Let your sales person and fabricator be a part of the conversation when picking the perfect outdoor stone.

4) The temperature outside matters when installing the stone. Certain epoxy and glues only work in certain temperatures.
5) Lastly, start planning early! If you are thinking you want to use this new outdoor living space for memorial day weekend, make sure you shopping now.

So many colors to pick from in our showroom

Palazzo Stone LTD is pleased to offer the best selection in granite countertops around. With so many colors and styles in granite to pick from, it is uniquely a stone that can fit any kitchen style. Our staff is excited to help you choose the best stone, color and look to fit your kitchen and bathroom. There are so many options and with the ability to see and feel all the stone slabs we offer, you be able to envision them in your home easier. There is nothing more exciting than kitchen and bathroom counter upgrades, they provide an instant attraction and beauty unlike any other addition. Stop by Palazzo Stone today to explore our selection, prices and brands of granite worktops.


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