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5 Reasons to Choose Stone Splashbacks

glass splashback_5 Reasons to Choose Stone Splashbacks

While the stone splashbacks is not the sexiest part of designing a kitchen, it has come a long way since just being the slab of material that protects the wall behind your sink. Nowadays, there are many options for your splashback that can enhance the look of your kitchen. There are many different styles, materials, and colours to choose from that will make your kitchen look exactly how you want it to look.

This article will focus on some of the designs, materials, and overall looks that you can achieve for your kitchen by choosing the perfect stone splashbacks!


1 – Stainless Steel – Stainless steel offers a modern look to your kitchen and has many upsides to it. It is usually easy to install with screws or glue and is very easy to clean. Simply wipe off the stains as soon as they happen and your stone splashback will stay clean. The downside is that, even though it is easy to clean, it is hard to maintain a nice lustre. Stainless steel is also not scratch resistant and is dentable.

2 – Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles – These are the most popular choices because they are inexpensive, versatile, and stylish. Another advantage is that since they are cheap and easy to install, if they get scratched or damaged the tile can simply be replaced. The tiles are also heat and scratch resistant and easy to clean. The downsides to tile is that depending on how much space you have, it can be quite time consuming to install. The other con is that the grouting can become dirty and could need eventual replacement. Most people are choosing a darker grout to avoid this problem.

3 – Glass – Glass is a very elegant choice for a splashback especially if you have a large area to work with. You can choose from a variety of designs or even get a picture printed on the glass. If you decide to get glass, make sure you get tempered glass so that you get the maximum durability and strength offered. Obviously it is going to be very easy to clean and is also easy and cheap to install. The downside to glass is that once it is installed it is very hard to uninstall so just make sure you like what you choose!

glass splashback

Quartz and Granite splashback, and upstands

4 – Quartz  – Quartz is made of at least 90% real with comprised of resins. The quartz that has the lowest percentage of resins will obviously be stronger and more durable than any other type of quartz. It also makes it very heat and scratch resistant. Quartz is also non-porous so water and other materials can’t seep in and stain or crack the stone. In addition, it comes in large slabs to make it even more stain resistant. The downside is obviously the price and the weight of the stone.

5 – Granite – Granite is similar to quartz in many ways. It comes in a variety of colours and textures and is very tough and durable. It goes well with contemporary and traditional styles of kitchens which make it very popular. The con for granite is that it is porous, unlike quartz, and it must be sealed after installation and possibly every few years after that. However, once it is sealed it is very easy to clean and stain resistant.

These natural stones would make any home look elegant, beautiful, and very high class. These are the materials that are leading the way in terms of the best of the best. All of these materials are the top quality for stone splashback, countertops, tiles, and many other things throughout your home. Any of these would greatly improve the value and quality of your home!


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