Great Material: Carrara Marble Worktops

Carrara marble worktops

kitchen worktops repair palazzo stone, cheap quartz worktops, kitchen worktops near emMarble Carrara is becoming one of the most popular materials that is being used in new homes as well as renovations in older homes. It goes with contemporary styles as well as traditional. This versatility makes milky marble the hottest new material in home design with decorators and designers clamouring to get it in their homes.


In a traditional kitchen the look is very nice and even. With white cupboards and splashbacks, milky marble makes a seamless transition in your kitchen. It is a luxurious marble that adds class to your kitchen.

This marble can also be used as your vertical splashbacks. When it goes up the wall as a backsplash it gives the kitchen a uniform look to it. This style also goes very well with darker cabinets, such as black, to give your kitchen a contrasting look that is very modern. Marble that goes from kitchen worktop to the ceiling provides an amazing look and feel to the kitchen.

Marble for Bathroom

In the bathroom, you can achieve much of the same looks as in the kitchen. The traditional bathroom look with white walls and milky marble on the floors makes for a great classic look. You have the option of how much marble you want to use in your bathroom. Some people like just the floor, just the countertops, or you can opt for covering the whole bathroom in marble. This would entail having the shower made of marble and would be a very unique look!

Using tiles in the bathroom is more economical than a larger slab of milky marble. However, depending on the size of the tiles you can make the bathroom look like a slab is being used. This is mostly for the floor tiles. Smaller tiles, combined with other colours and styles, can be used to create patterns and designs for the walls of your bathroom or shower.

Marble dining table

This type of material can be expensive, so sometimes you have to use less to achieve more. Simple things like just using milky marble for a unique sink or bathtub will keep the focus of the bathroom on those items, meaning you do not need to use marble for your whole bathroom.

Using a cheaper form of tile for a room that is not as used as the bathroom can also be an option. Using smaller, cheaper tiles for the laundry room, for example, would be a great way to get a nice look at a great price. Another use for marble that is not as common as the kitchen and bathroom is the fireplace. Marble is extremely heat resistant and its beauty would brighten up any living room!

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