Carrara vs. Calacatta Marble: What is the Difference?

Carrara vs. Calacatta Marble: What is the Difference?

These two types of marble are often mixed up by people. Carrara or Calacatta? The names sound the same and but are different in a few subtle ways. They are similar in appearance because they both are white marbles with veins of grey. However, Carrara tends to be more grey with softer veins, while Calacatta is more white with bolder veining.

                CARRARA MARBLE                Calacatta marble

Calacatta actually come from Carrara in Italy but just because they are from the same place, doesn’t mean they look the same. When you know what to look for, the differences will actually stand out to you. After you have seen the differences between the two, you will be able to distinguish the differences between, Carrara and Calacatta.

The style of Carrara marble tends to be more linear than Calacatta. The lines, or veins, in the Carrara tend to be straighter and thinner. Calacatta has much larger and thicker grey veins than Carrara and the white marble is more white.

Calacatta is actually more rare than Carrara. It is considered to be a more luxurious marble than Carrara and is generally more expensive. In the bathroom especially, large Calacatta tiles make the bathroom more open and appears larger.

Carrara in the bathroom can make for a very elegant look with its large veins and more grey tones. It can give a bathroom a very regal look because of the contrasting colours within the marble. With an all-white bathroom or kitchen, the large parts of grey have a great contrast to them against the white.

The great thing about both Carrara and Calacatta is that they are very versatile. Since there are a lot of different styles and tones of white and grey, as well as thicknesses of the veins in the marble, you can find the style that suits you best. There are also other colours that can come with these types of marbles. Gold, yellow and brown for instance.

Whichever marble you choose, both of these two marbles will give you the look you are going for in your home. Whether it is Carrara or Calacatta, this type of marble will be a great addition to your bathroom or kitchen. With Carrara you can have a softer, whiter look and feel. With Calacatta marble, you will get a more contrasting look with the larger grey or gold veins.

Either way you will be getting a great quality of marble for you kitchen or bathroom!


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