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4 Myths About Quartz Countertops

4 Myths About Quartz Countertops

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Myth #1: Quartz countertops Stain Easily.

Staining is a big concern for many homeowners considering stone countertops. A common misconception is that common products like red wine, cosmetics, or coffee will stain quartz countertops beyond repair. In general, While staining can occur on any light colored material, including some lighter stones. We are at Palazzo Stone  ensure that most stains are treatable: “We can always troubleshoot the problem. If you know the origin of the stain, you can care for it.” However, quartz countertops do not stain easily in comparison with any other kitchen worktops materiel such as granite and marble.

Myth #2: Quartz countertops are Expensive.

Quartz countertops are often found in high-end projects, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach for more modest budgets. The cost of quartz countertop for kitchens depends on a variety of factors, including availability and demand. We can ensure that quartz countertops often in a similar price range as many stone materials. “Prices vary depending on the quartz slab brand and the color. Sometimes we find that quartz countertops are less expensive than other materials.” How is that? This is true because quartz countertops will last forever, and you do not need to replace them periodically as laminate worktops. Cheap quartz worktops,

Myth #3: Quartz countertops colours fade out and Requires Too Much Maintenance.


Softer stones, such as marble or limestone, can be susceptible to etching or scratching. However, this can be prevented by taking simple preventative measures. Always use a cutting board when preparing food on quartz countertops, especially with acidic foods such as tomato sauce or lemons. Consider using coasters and trivets under glasses and hot pans. Clean up spills as quickly as possible. Do not use harsh cleaning products on quartz countertops—instead, choose a gentle cleanser and a soft cloth.

Myth #4: Quartz has only few Styles.

While particular colors and finishes may come in and out of fashion, Quartz countertops is a timeless, classic material and come in wide rage of colours. More than 20k colours of quartz countertops in UK market nowadays. Quartz  is beautiful and durable, and it also adds a level of romance not found in any other product, It offers a sense of history, nature, or drama to a space while always feeling authentic. Stone quartz countertops also brings depth and texture to a space that is hard to replicate. It’s been used for centuries as a building material; while it can change in appearance over time, most styles age very gracefully.”

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