Commercial Kitchen Quartz Worktops & Countertops


There are diverse types of commercial worktops to choose from and having the correct information about the type selected is vital. Quartz is an excellent commercial option for both new bathrooms and kitchens. Current trends place quartz is among the most popular choices in countertops. The increase in popularity over the last decade is due to beautiful designs, its affordable trade prices and the desire for this durable material is only growing.

But why? Why do constructions companies,homes and kitchen designers, architects  often select this worktops material over others? What makes quartz so desirable for projects? We will tell you why. For all your questions about quartz, the professionals at Palazzo Stone LTD are the experts. Below are answers to frequent questions about this using this fantastic material in commercial kitchen worktops projects.

commercial quartz worktops

What are quartz countertops?

Quartz is one of the most common minerals found on earth. It is known for its durability and extreme resistance to chemical weathering of all kinds. these worktops are created by using  about 93% crushed quartz crystals fused together using 7% poly-resin materials. These substances are combined under pressure to create a uniquely solid engineered stone. When quartz is used this way, it results in one of the hardest and durable surfaces available for counters.

Kitchen Quartz is often confused with other worktops material, such as corian or natural stone. For examples, Quartzite is a natural stone that is quarried from the Earth curst much the same way as granite or marble. Quartzite slabs are 100% natural stone. Quartz countertops are manufactured in a factory, hence the term engineered stone.

Saving Money on Quartz with Palazzo Stone, Commercial prices

Since Palazzo Stone LTD has full slabs of quartz in stock, you never pay for the unused material. All our stock colors are priced by the square foot, we do not charge you for the unused parts of the slab. Since Quartz slabs are smaller than granite, it is likely that your kitchen projects will require more than one. Our contractors get better prices from the fabricators who also stock the stone slabs.

Commercial Quartz Selection at Palazzo Stone

Have you ever tried selecting materials for your project from a small sample of the material? I would bet that you were surprised at the finished product’s variation from that sample. When you choose from our large inventory of Quartz you are choosing the exact slab that we will use to fabricate your counter tops. We recommend bringing cabinet doors, flooring and paint samples along with you to ensure the best decision. Palazzo Stone LTD also has experienced designers on staff to assist with your selections.

What are the Best Brands of Quartz For Commercial Projects?

You may have heard popular brand names within quartz production such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Classic Quartz, Cambria, Unistone, Zodiaq and more. What is the difference? Is one better than another? The answer is no. Since the same products and technology are used there are very minor differences in the quality of these brand names. All quartz brands have the same hardness and durability, however; as expected, the prices will vary.

Some brands are experts in doing earth tone colors, some quartz brands like Classic Quartz are famous for marble look-like slabs, and others are known to produce unique monochromatic colors like bright orange and apple green etc. The difference is in style and price, but quality tends to be similar.

What can you expect with Palazzo Stone LTD?

Palazzo Stone LTD is determined to deliver complete satisfaction starting with the selection process all the way through installation. When you step into our showroom, you will be able to view our beautiful selection of full slabs for your kitchens projects, rather than tiny samples or photos in a book like the big box stores. We want you to have a personal experience, will listen to your particular needs and will answer all of your questions.

Turning your vision of the perfect kitchen or bathroom into reality is what we are all about. Palazzo Stone LTD is the leader in using digital measuring devices for accurate measurements. We are equipped with the water-jet and CNC stone cutting machines to fabricate high quality countertops.

We do not claim to be the largest stone fabrication shop in the town. We have adequate resources to take care of your best interests, but not too large where you become a number and not a unique customer with unique vision of your own.

To be considered as the best quality stone countertops company in St. Louis area is where we want to be. Thanks to our high number of returning and referral customers and highly motivated team at Arch City, we are on the right track to reach the coveted position.

Because we are smaller than some of our giant competitors does not mean you will sacrifice price, selection or quality. We offer a Low Price Guarantee on all our products. We are able to do this by purchasing stone at bulk prices, minimizing fabrication waste and providing error free measuring, fabrication and installation. Our exacting standards are unsurpassed in the industry.

Measurement & Installation of Commercial Kitchen Worktops

dark grey quartz worktops

Once we are ready to make your quartz countertops purchase decision for your project, a trained technician visits your site to take the precise measurements of countertops. The digital templating  method  we use ensures that human errors are avoided and measurements are accurate. Customers can see a computer model (CAD Drawing) of their countertops right after the templating process and can suggest modifications or changes. Accurate measurement results in perfectly installed kitchen countertops.

The drawings and specifications of your job are then reviewed by our production manager to make sure they are complete. A special digital camera installed over our  CNC Bridge saw takes the picture of the quartz slab placed on the saw table and displays the photo on the operating monitor of the CNC Saw. Then the kitchen drawing is overlaid over the slab picture. This aids in the perfect location of the seams (joints) and also aids in eliminating the defects in the stone slab. Once the layout is done, the slab is cut automatically resulting in accurate dimensions.

Kitchen Worktops Installers

On installation day, This visit generally takes a little bit longer than the previous one.  Depending on the complexity of the installation it can take between 1 and 3 hours per kitchen.  Please make sure that the cabinets that will hold the sink and cook top are empty.  Also the top drawers of the base cabinets need to be emptied as well. In spite of all our diligent efforts, there is a possibility of some  dust escaping.We advise our customers to cover all the valuable belongings like furniture, paintings etc.  Our installation team will clean all of the debris created during the install.  However, sometimes you may still require a more thorough cleaning after the granite is installed.

After the installation is complete, the installation team will go over the final checklist with you, including details such as the correct size for the faucet holes, the dishwasher being anchored, the cook top fits perfectly fit, and everything being cleaned up, to assure you complete and total satisfaction.

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