Granite countertops London

If you are looking for a natural stone for your kitchen countertops, granite is one of the best possible choices. It combines durability, resistance to external factors and original look. Its natural color, structure and pattern made it one of the most popular kitchen worktop materials. The price of granite depends on its color and the complexity of fabrication. Therefore, no matter what your budget is, you can always opt a granite type that meets your expectations.

granite star galaxy worktops

Granite countertops London

Granite comes in a wide array of colors – various shades of black, white, blue, red, purple or brown etc. This makes it easy to choose a worktop that not only fits your kitchen furniture but enhances style as well. Because of its natural origin each slab of granite is unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s also very dense and hard, hence, resistant to damage.

Granite countertops Specification

Due to the use of impregnating sealer, granite worktop is stain resistant and this effect lasts up to 15 years. Even though the spills should be cleaned up immediately with a professional granite cleaner. Do not use products that contain acids, ammonia, vinegar or other general purpose cleaners for they may damage the surface of your granite countertop. Our company offers the best varieties of granite from various parts of the world so that you could easily choose a stone for your kitchen worktop. If you have any questions regarding granite worktops or their maintenance, call us – 020 83124554 / 07525715421 or visit our office in London.

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