How Granite Worktops Make You Safe?

 Granite countertops are anti-fire in your kitchen

Summer is approaching in London, and homeowners are turning to renovate and refurbish  their kitchens. But does your new worktops will look as stunning and safe as it should be?

Natural stone is a perfect option to consider when buying your new worktop . Natural stone is durable, efficient, long lasting and retains heat better than any other material. And most beautifully, it combines two of the earth’s greatest natural elements; fire and stone.

What’s particularly special about using granite and quartz for your kitchen countertops, is their formation. Formed under extreme heat and pressure, this hard, igneous stone comes full circle from the earth and into your home, giving direct relationship to your fire.

Amongst other worktops material,  quartz & granite are particularly on trend this year. A sleek polished, honed or leathered  stone can enhance the contemporary sophistication of any home.

kitchen granite worktops, granite countertopsTake colors and styles into consideration

To ensure that your worktops are the center of attention, you will want to avoid installing very bright or bold. Your worktops might contain subtle hues that are greatly complemented by the right level of lighting, so you won’t want to wash those out with blanket lighting.

For example, if installing a white quartz or granite slab with dark grey veins , you would do well to go for stainless steel or brushed nickel light fittings, which will really make it shine.

You will want to try out a few different bulbs to see how varying levels of intensity and hues impact the look of your worktops. The level of brightness and intensity you choose will be dependent on details like whether the room receives a lot of natural light, what colour the walls are, whether there are cabinets shading your worktops, and what the counters are actually made of.

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