Granite Worktops Kent

Granite vs Marble for your kitchen worktop

Natural stone is a popular choice for kitchen worktops, and no wonder. Aesthetically pleasing, hard wearing and luxurious, natural stone brings a real wow factor to your kitchen. But should you opt for the glamour of granite or the magnificence of marble?

Granite vs marble: durability

There’s no contest – granite is supremely durable and won’t chip or scratch like marble. You can place a hot pan directly on the surface and even cut on it without damage. By contrast, marble only scores a four on the Mohs hardness rating scale where granite is a seven, so is much more liable to scratch. It’s also porous which makes it prone to surface etching. However, some people love the patina that marble acquires with age and if you adjust your expectations marble can make a high performance kitchen worktop.

Granite vs marble: appearance

Choosing beautiful granite or marble worktops is often a question of aesthetics. Granite has a more rugged and natural appeal while marble veining has a timeless elegance. For sheer design flexibility granite wins hand down thanks to the vast range of colours and patterns, some even mimicking marble. Ultimately, though, this is a very personal decision that will be influenced by your overall kitchen design.

Granite vs marble: maintenance

All natural stone worktops are evenly matched when it comes to maintenance. Both granite and marble require sealing to prevent staining – this should be undertaken annually but can be done as often as monthly if your kitchen is particularly busy. Any cracks or dents are best dealt with by a professional, though you can clean and seal your worktop yourself with ease.

Granite vs marble: performance

While granite is a powerful workhorse for the kitchen, marble has some big advantages for the keen baker. A marble worktop stays cool to the touch and won’t transfer heat to your fragile pastries. Solution: use granite worktops for everyday food prep and consider a showstopping marble worktop for your kitchen island.

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