Granite Worktops


When contemplating home decor or improvement ideas, the idea of your kitchen worktops can provide immense variety and choice. It is frequently the aim to get a classy and unique look while achieving a finish that is long-lasting and durable in nature. Look no further. Granite worktops offer the perfect solution for commercial properties as well as for homes.

Granite is a natural stone

providing great strength. It can deal with variations in temperature and will also provide elegance and beauty to any kitchen decor. Their quaint and exclusive feel is accompanied with natural anti-bacterial properties thus provide an extra benefit for residential use in contrasted with other worktops materials.

Kitchen granite worktop

is available in a variety of textures ranged from highly sharpened to polished variations. Beside this they are provided in several colors and shapes, allowing anyone imagining of this stone style to make their choice exclusive and distinctive; an extremely popular choice, providing an excellent visual effect.

maintaining granite counter-tops

The granite worktops offer a fairly low-maintenance option, that’s non-porous, allowing the surface to retain its freshness and new look for several years. Granite tops are available in different colours and shades that complement your Kitchen decor. Unlike their marble counterparts, granite countertops have a solid and uniform look.

Advantages Of A Granite Worktop:



Granite is very aesthetically pleasing even though it is not man-made.  It has a timeless look as well.

granite does not have a porous surface so it will not get wet if any liquid is spilled on top of it. It also withstands scratches that other organic material does not.

Ease of Maintenance

Granite, due to its non-porous nature, is not that easy to stain. Also, a person does not have to constantly clean it like natural material tops.

Choosing the best natural stone worktops for your kitchen can be surprisingly hard because there are plenty of varieties to choose.

Countertops Choices

Here are some stones most commonly used as kitchen countertop:

  • If you want a powerful kitchen worktops, granite is the best option for you. Its resistance to heat is very impressive. This mineral’s remarkable toughness comes from the solidification and the slow cooling of the Earth’s magma. But granite is absorbent. Application of sealant is necessary to avoid getting stained.
  • Dark coloured kitchen worktops are also a hit in the kitchen industry. Slate is the material used to make these worktops. Its ravishing looks makes it very diverse, and it could match any style. Slate can tolerate any temperature in the kitchen. Before choosing this kind of material, there are also things to consider. Slate is brittle, so you have to be very careful not to hit it with something hard. It’s also less porous than granite. Rich black granite is also used for dark coloured worktops, but the slate is cheaper and budget friendly.
  • If you want something that is very pleasant and delectable to the eyes, Quartz worktops are the most preferred tops for you. Its beautiful patterns provide the best eye candy to those people who encounter this kind of worktops. On the other hand, this material requires regular sealing just like some stone tiles. It also has heavy reactions to acidic liquids like lemon juice and vinegar. Spills should also be wiped instantly, and you also need a designated cleaner for calcite-rich materials.
  • Lastly, if you want an exquisite kitchen, marble is the most luxurious and delicate stone to have as a worktop. Its delicacy is very irresistible. However, marble is calcite-rich and porous. It also reacts to acid badly. You need to avoid sharp movements to refrain from damaging the surfaces. If you’re willing to spend money to maintain its elegance, you don’t have anything to worry about.
Drawbacks of  A Granite Worktop

In comparison with quartz worktops colours, granite worktops colours  range is limited.

Get free estimate for new granite worktops for you kitchen in London, Kent, Surrey, and Bristol, Essex.

£240-£430per sqm
  • Heat resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Huge color collection
  • Kitchen worktops. stairs, bathroom vanities, tiles
  • Thickness 2cm and 3cm
£240-£430per sqm
  • Heat resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Huge color collection
  • Kitchen worktops. stairs, bathroom vanities, tiles
  • Thickness 2cm and 3cm
£230-£650per sqm
  • Not Heat resistant
  • Not Stain resistant
  • Huge color collection
  • Stairs, bathroom vanities, tiles
  • Thickness 2cm and 3cm