Granite worktops Near Me? Quartz Worktops near me?

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granite worktops near me, quartz worktops near me

Granite countertop

The moment has arrived that you are looking for a new Kitchen worktops and countertops. You’ll probably have some questions about how it actually works and how the pricing occurs with all the different quartz and granite supplier you’ll find on the internet. No worries we from Palazzo Stone  are happy to help you out.

In this page you will find the information you’ll need to find the right kitchen quartz worktop company, or granite worktop company and how to get an accurate price. We know how hard it can be to find a trusting company that will give you a good price.

At the start of your journey you’ll need to find a Company (Stonemason) that suites your needs.
The second step is to format your request in a way that quoting will happen smoothly, there for you need to provide the Stonemason with practical information.

– The colour you like and where the colour should come from. (e.g. CaesarstoneSilestone, etc)
– The dimensions of you kitchen. (see how to measure your kitchen below)
– The edging you prefer. (20mm or 30mm are the most usual choices)
– Splash-back sizes. (Only if necessary)
– Waterfall legs.
– Etc.


When you provide a Stonemason or any natural stone worktops supplier with the information stated above, you will receive the most accurate prices.

How to find the right Stonemason (company) /Quartz and granite worktops supplier for your new kitchen?

Searching for the right Stonemason can be difficult, who is trustworthy? How do they work? Why are the prices different? How is the overall customer experience?
These questions are important the moment you are looking for a new kitchen, we from Palazzo Stone know that the kitchen is one of the area’s in house where excellence is a necessity.

Many Stonemasons work in complete different ways, the variate way of working will affect the price, the service and the quality. Palazzo Stone template, supply and fit these stone worktops for you. and do high end finishes at cost effect job.

Ibiza quartzWhere to find the right Colour for the quartz or granite worktops for your kitchen?

The colour is obviously they most important part for you. For the most recent Colours you have to find the Companies that provide the stone, don’t worry we from Palazzo Stone have recommendations for you.
– Compac
– Lunastone
–Classic Quartz

Use our Price Calculator to get an accurate estimation. we provide all the colours of the above companies . Click on the link that will bring you to the right place.

How to format your request if you want to buy quartz or granite worktops and counter-tops?

Before you can request a price the Stonemason need some more information, they especially want to have the dimensions and preferred edging. Also they request the amount of Cut-outs and the type of the cut-out, Flush-mount, or under-mount.

Granite worktops near me? Quartz worktops near me?

As mentioned earlier the Stonemasons are working in different ways therefore the pricing differs a-lot. The biggest difference come from how they price the raw-stone (slabs) some are using a square-meter rate and others a slab-rate.

– Square meter rate is only more cost efficient the moment it just not fit in one slab, and they need a second slab for only a small part.
– Slab rate is most of the time more cost efficient because the overall “Square-meter rate” is cheaper.

At Palazzo Stone we work with a Slab rate. Most of the time this is more cost efficient for you as a customer. so when you google Granite worktops Near Me? or Quartz Worktops near me? We will be happy to help you.We work across London, Kent, Bromley, Dartford,  Tunbridge , Maidstone, Dover, Brighton, and surrounding areas including Surrey, Essex, Rochester, Bexleyheath, Sidcup, Erith and more.


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