How much Quartz / Marble /Granite worktops a square meter?

sensa granite worktopsis the most common question our customers ask. You can no more give a complete and reliable price of quartz or granite based on square meter than you can buy a custom tailor-made suit based on square meters.

A dressmaker must measure your body in order to fashion a outfit that makes you look and feel incredible.  To give you an accurate price on a countertop, it is essential that the supplier come to your home, assess the design of the kitchen and help you select the right product.

Just as there is a considerable difference in the fabric used in making an outfit, so is there a significant qualitative difference in the granite or quartz that you choose for making a countertop.   Any one colour of granite will have a wide range in cost.  A low quality granite slab has low density, hidden fissures and cracks and colour flaws. An installer is just happy to get out of the house without the countertop breaking before he gets paid.  A high quality granite slab has greater density, hardness, durability and beauty that will withstand the rigours of everyday culinary work for many years.

Granite Quartz worktops comparison

The lower price point demanded by big box stores and low end stone worktops fabricators,  is met  by manufacturers producing cheaper grades of quartz slabs using inferior raw materials, lower quality control standards and a production process that is reduced to half a day.  This leads to a countertop whose lower resilience can lead to staining, scratching and cracking.

It comes down to value for money and that price is reflective of quality and warranty.   Palazzo Stone, to ensure top quality control standards,  will take three – five days to complete the manufacturing process using the highest grade of quartz, the latest and most advanced technological equipment available.    This will result in more aesthetically pleasing colour designs and a very high resistance to staining, scratching, and cracking.

A supplier whose main goal is to take the proper time using the best materials available backed by a direct-to-you from the slab manufacturer warranty ensures you will have a perfect kitchen countertop.  A competent kitchen worktops supplier should have an extensive background in design. They will come directly to your home, bringing edge profiles and a large selection of colour samples. By educating you on the qualitative differences of various quartz manufacturers, including templating, fabrication, and installation process you will be able to confidently select the best material for your counter-top.  After the selection and design process is completed, measurements of the cabinetry are   taken.  Only then, can a complete and accurate price of the installed worktops, including any special extra pieces be calculated.

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