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For years, granite worktops were seen as the pinnacle choice for any kitchen but this is something that has changed over the years. According to the <ahref=”“>National Kitchen and Bath Association</a>, quartz counter-tops are the now considered the most popular choice for interior designers; notable for their luxury appearance and durability, it’s not surprising to see why they are so sought after. Here are some reasons why you need to investigate the hype and get a quartz worktop for your own kitchen.

A color for every design

Manufactured from a naturally occurring mineral, quartz is a stunning material to feature in your kitchen. It comes in a variety of colours, from classic browns and black to more outlandish gold or red; it’s sure to suit every kitchen imaginable. An advantage of quartz is that the color is even and guaranteed to be consistent in every counter slab.

Black flecks quartz worktopsEasy to maintain

Once a granite or quartz worktop has been installed, the manual labor ends there. Other natural stones require more long-term maintenance in terms of sealing. Unlike other stones such as marble, quartz  and and granite are resistant against staining, so do not require a sealant in order to remain pristine for years to come. This makes for a cost-effective worktop for homeowners on a budget.

The pinnacle of hygiene

As the place where each family meal is prepared, it’s crucial that the kitchen remains as hygienic as possible. Quartz worktops are non-porous meaning that there is nowhere for bacteria to lurk and multiply. Soapy water and a cloth are all you need to keep your kitchen counters clean, which is ideal for large families hoping to save time on cleaning.

Heat resistant

So many kitchen counters are damaged after installation due to hot pans that leave scold marks. Quartz worktops are able to withstand much higher temperatures than other materials, meaning that they are less susceptible to heat damage. Heat pads are still recommended to be used to increase the longevity of your countertops but when mistakes happen and a hot pan is placed down, you have peace of mind that there will be significantly less damage.

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