Marble worktops and dining tables

Love the Great British Bake Off? Spend holidays abroad drooling over perfect patisserie and delicious chocolates? If you’re always covered in flour and you love to bake then you need to invest in marble worktops for your kitchen.

Pastry perfection

Marble not only looks stunning but has a consistent temperature of around 16 degrees C. That’s nearly 20 degrees lower than body heat, making it marvellous for millefeuilles and super for shortcrust.

The best kitchens in the world use a marble slab in their pastry section because the natural stone is ideal for keeping fragile and buttery doughs cool and workable. That’s because marble has a higher thermal mass than other materials and can wick away the warmth from pastry or chocolate without warming up itself.

Marble also delivers tempered chocolate with the perfect shine and snap, while your puff pastry will rise to airy heights of perfection. And because your pastry won’t get sticky, you’ll only require the lightest dusting of flour when rolling out.

Contemporary cool

Even if you’re not a baker, stone worktops are ideal for the contemporary kitchen. Whether you decide on granite worktops in Kent or marble worktops in East London, stone is food safe and highly heat and scratch resistant. Take the time to have your natural stone worktops sealed regularly – they’re stain resistant, too!

Marble may take a little more looking after but keep a cloth to hand for any spills and use coasters and trivets to prevent scratching. Watch out for highly acidic foods as these can dull the polish and even damage the stone itself. Avoid letting lemons and limes come into direct contact with your marble worktops and they’ll continue to look beautiful for years to come.

Best for dining tables

The good news is that all marble shares the same ability to absorb heat without warming itself. That means you can adapt the look and feel of your marble worktop to your kitchen decor. From cool Arabescato to dramatic Nero Maquena, there’s a marble that will take your kitchen design to the next level while delivering flawless results every time you bake!

At <a href=”“>Palazzo Stone</a>, we have the expertise you need and the prices you’ll love to make an artisan marble worktop a reality in your kitchen.