Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz Kitchen Worktops are made by adhering and bonding pieces of naturally occurring quartz stone together. This stone is one of the toughest natural materials, yet it remains very versatile. Quartz  Kitchen worktops consist of 90-99% quartz, depending on the type of worktop and the manufacturer. Here are some reasons you might consider choosing quartz the next time you decide to spruce up your kitchen:

An assortment of colours

Natural quartz can occur in a rainbow of colours, ranging from clear and colourless as glass to deep and vibrant shades of purple, black, brown or red. For that reason, you can find worktops in a variety of colours. It’s even possible to dye quartz to custom colours, meaning no matter your tastes, there’s an option for you. Processed stones make it easy to keep the colour uniform, or why not mix it up and have multiple colours across one surface?

Glitter and Specks

black sparkles and flecks quartz worktops

Black galaxy quartz worktops and island


In case you are looking for some sparkle, processed stones such as quartz use bits of natural minerals and gems to produce spectacular shimmery effects. For an extra glamarous look, synthetic mica can be added to transform a dull black surface into a sparkly night sky.


Texture is another aspect of quartz that can be customised. Finely ground powder produces a surface smooth to touch, while larger rock pieces produce a more distinctive rugged looking worktop.


The material is tough as granite, making quartz Kitchen worktops robust and sturdy, often going for years without a mark from wear and tear. They are easy to maintain as they are non-porous. Mostly, simply wiping a surface with water and mild soap is sufficient to have it looking it as good as new.


As one of the earth’s most readily abundant materials, quartz is an affordable choice, despite the increased demand of the worktops. Processed stones such as Silestone have similar features to granite or marble, a broader range of colors, more uniform patterns, and more affordable prices.

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