Quartz vs Granite – Which One Should I Install For My Kitchen Worktops?

Quartz vs Granite – Which One Should I Install For My Kitchen Worktops?

Quartz kitchen worktops

Traditionally, Granite was considered as the premium choice and was used in the homes as kitchen worktops. Nonetheless, marble was also used as an alternative to Granite for the same type of installations. However, Granite was regarded as the finest, strong and most durable stone during earlier times before the invention of Quartz.

Before quartz counters flooded the UK markets, Granite was the premium choice of customers for installing in their homes, offices, floors, and bathrooms. Once quartz worktops and slabs was brought in, there are undoubtedly more choices with the customers for choosing the premium stone. Many quartz slabs supplier such as Silestone, Caesarstone, Classic Quartz, ETC, have a massive range of composite quartz worktops for kitchen interiors.

We all know how strong and durable Granite is, and it also looks beautiful on our kitchen countertops. On the other hand, Quartz countertop is engineered from ground quartz with particular organic compound, it’s in fact more scratch and stain tolerant compared to Granite. As quartz is a manufactured product, it provides various colours, styles and designs that can’t be replicated in a natural stone worktop.

granite supplier

Granite countertop

When it comes to deciding which one you should get for your kitchen worktops installations, you need to take into consideration various aspects such as the home interiors, budget, use patterns (practicality) etc. You may also take the guidance of your kitchen designer, who can give you the best advice from the usage point of view.

Quartz Granite Worktops Comparison

Durability: Durability wise both Granite and Quartz are awesome choices. Perhaps, Quartz worktops is more impact resistant than Granite. However, Granite is also strong enough that is stain and scratch resistant.

Aesthetics: Granite, being the natural stone gives you the natural beauty that’s hard to beat. Nonetheless, Quartz has numerous range of styles and colours from which you can select. And the high end man-made stone looks elegant and gracious.

Practicality: You need to take care of both in the same way. For instance, if oil is spilled over, you need to immediately wipe it away in Quartz as well as in Granite. You should use separate cutting board to cut vegetables, fruits etc. and should avoid directly cutting on the surface of Granite and Quartz.

Budget: You will get various price ranges in both Granite and Quartz. Get Free Quote Now

Compare Quotes from granite& quartz worktops companies

Do your research first and then get quotes from different quartz and granite worktops companies, so that you can compare them and get the best deal. Additionally, remember to ask – if they have any special offer (price discounts) for any of their worktops range, which will considerably lower the overall cost on expensive worktops models. Sometimes, you may get a good deal – because certain companies give good discounts on their high end products – so you may get a premium worktops at a discounted price.

If you are unsure what range will be ideal for your kitchen worktops, we are ready to help you. If you feel that the range is quite expensive, don’t hesitate to ask for an alternative that is more affordable for you. Keep in mind – whatever you choose must match with your kitchen interiors first and secondly it should complement to your home interior

Personal Preference: A lot depends on your personality and your personal preference. For instance – if you are a person who admires natural beauty, perhaps, you may be more inclined to install a Granite worktop. On the other hand, if you like specific design, style or shape etc. – you might like to go with quartz worktop.

One thing is clear – the choice is not so simple between the two stones, as both have got their own unique positive points. Granite is nature’s beauty whereas Quartz is man-made admiration. However, your kitchen designer might help you in deciding or you may have to depend on your personal intuition/ instinct to determine.

At the end of the day, whatever you decide, be it Granite or Quartz for your kitchen counters, your decision can’t go wrong, as both are stunningly beautiful that will make your kitchen worktops stand out and make a style statement!

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