Quartz Countertops: A Popular Alternative To Real Marble

quartz worktops, palazzo stoneMarble is a beautiful, lovely option for natural stone countertops and flooring in London homes – but it isn’t necessarily the best fit for every lifestyle. If you need a highly durable kitchen worktop but love the look of marble, you can indeed have both – quartz is the choice!

Our kitchens worktops are  the most highly utilized part in the entire home: It is an extra space for cooking – preparing foods and setting hot pots and pans

If you love marble, the common consequences of the above activities to your kitchen worktops could be staining, scratching and chipping. Spilling that red wine or dropping those kitchen pans and car keys, over time, present real problems for a softer stone.

Quartz is revolutionary in worktops industries

In the world of design, there are few truths that remain unchanged over the ages: combine textures, less is more, and you can’t go wrong with the color white. When it comes to countertops, this last point is changing but only in the sense that it has become truer.

Quartz is a popular alternative to marble for these reasons. It is available in an wide range of colors, including those that look like marble. Bainco Carrara quartz, for example, offers a pure white backdrop and subtle grey veining – just like marble. Pure White is another quartz option that offers a solid white appearance without any veining at all, an attribute that would be very costly if it were an actual marble. (The more pure white and less veins a piece of marble holds, generally the more expensively it is priced.) Both of these are good options for smaller areas where a lot of movement or pattern variation of a stone could be overwhelming. White quartz is a beautiful, subtle option that will compliment most contemporary and traditional kitchen worktops and countertops designs.

Luxury Quartz counter-top choices

Quartz is truly a fantastic alternative to marble, granite, or other stones as it is a natural mineral mixed with modern technology to provide a tough surface for modern living. Explore white quartz options or more than 20 other colors that offer alternatives to other common countertop surface choices in UK Market.

More importantly, these quartz  worktops selections offer something else:

  • Strength
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Stain-resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • No long-term maintenance, like sealing or polishing
  • A smooth, non-porous surface that does not offer nooks and crannies for bacteria to grow.

Though we have emphasized here quartz for the kitchen in particular, other common applications include flooring, wall cladding, and surfaces in other high traffic areas throughout the home, like bathroom vanities. Makeup, oily soaps, and harsh cleansers are things to watch out for with marble in the bathroom; quartz handles these with ease.

Kitchen Quartz Worktops Cost

At Palazzo Stone all customers are handled by our management team from the initial inquiry until to the final installation. We try our best to template, supply and fit your custom worktops in just 7 days.

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