Quartz Worktops in Kent

Quartz worktop in Kent

Improve passive solar design with a Quartz worktop in Kent

Quartz worktops in Kent. While there are many reasons to choose a Quartz worktops in Kent for your kitchen, there is one reason that you may not have considered. Many people are not aware that Quartz is excellent at absorbing and storing heat. The thermal mass of Quartz makes it ideal for eco-friendly homeowners. A Quartz wall, floor, or, of course, a Quartz worktop, can actually help to save you money in the longer term on your household bills, by reducing the non-renewable energy that it takes to heat your home. Making an investment in good quality Quartz countertops now could end up saving you money moving forwards.

Incorporating natural materials such as Quartz, which is good at absorbing and storing heat, can be an excellent part of a passive solar design for a kitchen. You may have noticed that Quartz and other natural stone will heat up in a ray of sunshine. In a sunny kitchen, a solid and functional worktop of this type can help to harness the power of the sun and use it to heat your home. While you may have heard of active solar, which uses solar panels to harness the energy of the sun, many are less familiar with passive solar design, which is an even more important element in eco-friendly and sustainable home design.

Working to use the sun to your advantage is the key goal of passive solar design. Materials with a high thermal mass, like Quartz, will absorb the sun’s heat before gently and slowly releasing it later, when temperatures fall. This helps to keep temperatures more even throughout the day and night. Passive solar design is important for all those who value the environment and want to run their homes as sustainably as possible.

Kitchen flooring is the thing most often discussed in regard to passive solar design. But your kitchen worktops could also have a big role to play in catching and storing the energy of sunlight in your home. Many natural stone worktops are beneficial in this regard and Quartz is one of the very best materials for this purpose – yet another reason to consider incorporating Quartz worktops into your home’s kitchen. See our gallery.

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