Why to opt quartz worktops

The raw power of Quartz Worktops in Kent

A quartz surface is bright and colorful, creating a more captivating aesthetic than other worktops. Quartz is becoming a popular surface for high-end kitchen design, being more durable than granite and producing a more unique finish that is elegant and functional.

Beautiful, functional surfaces

Quartz materials are used for all manner of surfaces, producing eye-catching colours that demand attention when illuminated. The lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is made from quartz, and it is one of the most undeniably stunning lobbies of any building in the world.

Quartz is the most common stone on the planet, composed of a wide range of rock types. It has had a range of traditional uses. In ancient Japan, it was believed to have come from the breath of a white dragon, while it was used by Aborigines in rain rituals. Atlanteans even believed quartz crystals were living entities. Clear quartz has been made into crystal balls as a tool for predicting the future.

Bringing power to your home

Quartz is also a power stone called the ‘Universal Crystal’. Its uses are many; we see it in pressure gauges, resonators, oscillators and wave stabilisers. Due to its capacity to rotate the plane at which light polarises, and its transparency in UV rays, it is used in some very specialised lenses.

Quartz is also said to have properties for the absorption, storage, amplification, balancing, focusing and transmission of energy. It is believed to channel universal energies and enhance thoughts, with benefits for healing, protection, meditation and channelling. Its balancing ability is said to be powerful for bringing one’s own environment into harmony.

Spiritually, quartz is said to dispel negativity and enhance spiritual growth. Psychically, it is said to protect against black magic and open the third eye for connecting with the spiritual realm. It can access ancient wisdom and deliver it to the present.

Bring quartz to your kitchen

The benefits of quartz, in terms of aesthetic and practicality as a kitchen worktop, are undeniable. But if you are inclined to believe in the metaphysical and spiritual benefits of crystals, then quartz can bring an entirely different dynamic to your home.

At Palazzo Stone, we produce and install the best quartz worktops East London has to offer, and we’d love to bring this powerful crystal into your home for you. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.