Quartz Colours for Modern Kitchens

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The most popular material for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and even floors is quartz. Classic quartz are in almost every new home that is being built around the world and is also being used in homes where people are looking for a new, modern look and feel to their kitchens.

Quartz Colours

There are over 200 different styles of quartz. It is a style because most quartz is a main colour of white, black, or grey with different minerals infused into it. Quartz is at least 90% natural quartz with the rest being resins that hold the stone together and also inject other colours and dyes as well. This combination of natural rock and injecting colours makes quartz the main material in modern kitchens since it allows for more colour options than other materials.

Stellar Snow Silestone Quartz

Stellar snow quartz is now one of the more popular choices for any homeowner, designer, and architect for new homes or homes that are being remodeled. The look of this stone is very distinct because it has a sparkle and a effectiveness to it, very much like snow. This is a classic style since it is very simple and very beautiful. The pure, white, and reflective aspects makes this one of the most well received new colours for modern kitchens.

White Stone Quartz

This is also known as marble white quartz for people who want the toughness and non-porous qualities of quartz, but the look and feel of marble. White marble is the most famous and widely used stone in the world (think the Statue of David) but it is a porous material. White stone quartz has the appearance of beautiful marble but the durability of quartz. Since white stone quartz looks like the elegant white marble, it can go with any type of style in your kitchen and make it look as best as possible.

Iconic Black  Quartz worktops

This colour is a blend of black, brown, tan, and grey quartz. It will give any kitchen a healthy, rustic, and natural look to it. If you have a busy kitchen, the earthy tones of this type of quartz make scuffs, scratches, and chips less visible over the years. This type of quartz will go extremely well with wooden cabinets and hardwood floors. It is also very easy to have the appearance that it keeps clean for a long time if you don’t have the time to clean it every day!

Off white Quartz

This is another popular colour scheme for modern kitchens. However, the difference between this one and the plain white Quartz is that it pairs better with brighter colours in the kitchen. Designers today say that this is one of the most versatile stones available and can pair well with any style of kitchen and home look. This style of quartz is popular with businesses as well as homes. It conveys a very elegant and conveys powerful feel to a kitchen as well as office apparel. It is a very strong tone that could do wonders for your home or business.

Carrara Quartz

This unique colour combination goes well with a contemporary style in the home. With a combination of grey, tan, and charcoal this blend of classic quartz colours will perfectly blend with wooden tones and darker colours. The natural wood colours of the kitchen cabinets will combine perfectly with this type of quartz. This style of quartz goes well in any kitchen, but is also suitable for the office as well.

These are the top five classic quartz colours for modern kitchens. While these are the most popular, there are many different variations of these colours that can suit your eye for what you want in your home. Make sure you see all the options and purchase the best possible colour and design for your home!

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