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  • We are trade quartz worktops fabricator and fitters, we are not contractors.
  • We supply top quality quartz kitchen worktops with huge capacity and fast turnaround.
  • Discounts of up to 35% for trade and commercial quartz worktops and countertops projects.
  • 5* service due to our ever progressive relationships with our suppliers.
  • We supply direct to trade,, there is no agent,
  • Contact us directly on 07525715421 to discuss your project, or get in touch via email: sales@palazzostone.co.uk



  • Quartz Kitchen Worktops
  • Real natural stone Kitchen Worktops
  • Solid quartz Surface Kitchen Worktops
  • Quartz Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom quartz and  marble Worktop, flooring, & Wall Panels


Recently, quartz countertops have gained tremendous appeal among designers, builders and homeowners as more options and colors have become available. They can be made in many more colors than granite and being a manufactured natural stone, the variety of style, grain and look is unlimited.

The list of quartz countertops glowing virtues is long and impressive. This low maintenance option is nonporous and because of that, it is antimicrobial. The fact that bacteria can’t nestle in the miniscule holes like other porous stones is a huge bonus.

Quartz countertops are man made and also known as “engineered stone.” They are made of 96% natural quartz material that is ground very fine and then mixed together with 6-7% polyresin binding materials and pigments. The combination together creates a stone that incredibly strong and can withstand years of wear and tear on the kitchen.

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Quartz countertops and scratches

Though quartz is not completely indestructible, this type of countertop is highly resistant to scratches. That does not mean they cannot happen because with a enough force, a scratch can appear but with normal, everyday use in the kitchen, scratching is unlikely due to the hardness and durability of this incredible stone. Just like other natural stone countertops, quartz can chip or scratch if it encounters extreme use and pressure. However, if scratches or chips appear, you can have them professionally filled in and repaired.

Overall, quartz countertops stand up to much wear and tear in the kitchen with little evidence. If you select quartz for trade project, you will not be disappointed as this sturdy stone looks fabulous for years and years with appropriate care. All these characteristics are big reasons why construction company and contractors are consistently picking quartz countertops in recent years for commercial building projects. They are a beautiful choice in your kitchen or bathroom.

So many colors to pick for your commercial project

Palazzo Stone LTD is pleased to offer the best selection in trade quartz countertops around. With so many colors and styles in quartz to pick from, it is uniquely a stone that can fit any kitchen style. Our staff is excited to help you choose the best stone, color and look to fit your kitchen and bathroom. There are so many options and with the ability to see and feel all the stone slabs we offer, you be able to envision them in your home easier. There is nothing more exciting than kitchen and bathroom counter upgrades, they provide an instant attraction and beauty unlike any other addition. Stop by Palazzo Stone today to explore our selection, prices and brands of quartz worktops.


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