Ultra-Modern Whitish Quartz Worktops For Stylish Kitchens

White quartz  is just a beautiful type of man-made composite stone. It creates a minimal, attractive, stylish and it’s not difficult to see why it’s chosen for so many luxurious residential and commercial projects around the London, Kent, and Surrey as a material for use both internally and externally. Whitish quartz is one of the most popular material for kitchen worktops in last few years. Once whitish quartz is properly maintained and cared for, its unique allure will continue to glow and shine over the years.

Here at Palazzo Stone, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite types of whitish quartz for worktops and countertops and their best uses for your

White Mirror Chip Quartz (with flecks and sparkles)

Sparkly white quartz is the one of the most common quartz for kitchen quartz worktops. Because its inexpensive prices, These quartz worktops invades the worktops markets in London and through UK. Londoners uses this quartz for kitchen worktops as it match many kitchen cabinet colors.


Carrara Marble Effect Quartz 

Carrara marble quartz is an extremely popular whitish quartz worktops in London. It’s a very clean stone with subtle grey veining. Identifiable by its thin, feathery, linear grey veins against a white background, carrara marble quartz has a delicate vulnerability to its aesthetic. Many of our customers are building designers, architects and end-users who purchase carrara marble quartz for use as kitchen worktops, splashbacks, statement fireplace surrounds, floor tiles and shower walls.


Calacatta Marble Effect Quartz

Calacatta quartz is a classic Italian marble effect quartz  with a slightly more pronounced colouring than carrara marble, which hails from the same region. It contains grey, beige or gold tones against a warm white backdrop. Calacatta marble effect quartz is a great choice of quartz colours for kitchen worktops and countertops,kitchen island , breakfast bars, bathroom vanities, large floor tiles, and  backsplashes

Statuario Marble Effect Quartz

quartz statuario worktopsStatuario quartz is almost a hybrid of carrara and calacatta in its appearance. The white in statuario quartz is quite striking in its brightness and its  bluish veins and this makes it a valuable as natural stone. It’s long been used to carve statues and this popularity has crossed over to residential and commercial construction. Our customers often use statuario marble for  kitchen worktops, Kitchen islands, breakfast bars, backsplashes or even wall panels.  

Off White Quartz Or Warm White Quartz

Plain  Pure white  Quartz 


The above are just 6 of the whitish quartz options available here at Palazzo Stone for your new kitchen quartz worktops in London. We also have
other many whitish quartz for your kitchen worktops. Call or email us today or drop into our  office to discuss your whitish quartz worktops  or
other quartz colours requirements!