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Why White Countertops Are Great for Small Kitchens?

Why White Countertops Are Great for Small Kitchens?


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Not everyone can have their dream kitchen that takes up half of the house. Most of us have to deal with the space provided to us and work within the confines of the home that we have. However, there are always ways to make what little space you have seem bigger, better, more elegant, and more beautiful than what you paid for.

White countertops can provide all of the aforementioned qualities to your kitchen and at not that much more of a cost to you. There are many different materials you can use to achieve the maximum efficiency and look of your kitchen. This article will look at the ways that white countertops are great for a small kitchen.

Darker Cabinets and Floors Can Appear Closed Off – Some people already have chosen a darker colour for the rest of their kitchen, particularly the cupboards and the floors. This means you could choose white granite, laminate, marble, quartz, or tile for your countertop and really open the space up.

When there is too many dark tones in your kitchen it can cause the kitchen to feel closed or stuffy. If there is enough natural or overhead light a nice, white granite countertop can go along way to opening up the kitchen to the light and therefore make the kitchen more beautiful.

Kitchens With White Countertops in Kent Have a More Modern Look – Many of the new home designs are incorporating white granite countertops because of their modern look. Most older or ‘contemporary’ styles use a darker style, with black countertops and darker wood cupboards. These days, home designers and decorators are opting for a lighter tone for their homes. White granite countertops with lighter cupboards and tones that are conducive to natural light are the new modern design!

White Countertops Actually Hide Scratches More Efficiently – Some people need to have all of the parties, all of the birthdays, and plan on having a lot of people in the kitchen. This means there will be a lot of cooking and interaction, which means lots of items bouncing around your countertops. Even if you just plan on cooking all the time for your family, you should choose a white granite countertop in order to avoid wear and tear.

Using Marble For Kitchen CountertopsIt is obvious that when using your kitchen a lot there will be pots, pans, knives, and other heavy kitchen utensils banging around on the countertop. This will lead to marks, scuffs, scratches, cracks, chips, or cuts on the countertop. A white granite countertop will not show scratches and wear and tear as much as a darker surface.

White Countertops in kent and London Seem More InvitingWhite countertops can make all kitchens seem brighter and therefore more lively and inviting. A smaller kitchen with a white countertop can really make all the difference to making your kitchen brighter, spacious, inviting, and beautiful.

The kitchen can be one of the most social rooms in the house. People always want to help in the kitchen, see what is for dinner, and chat over a cocktail. It is one of the best rooms in the house for socializing and you should want to make all of your guests feel welcome and calm in your kitchen. Having white countertops will allow your kitchen to be open, relaxed, and inviting!

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