Kitchen Worktops
Quartz ---------- Granite ---------- Marble

Kitchen Worktops Options

Stone is being used for kitchen worktops  classified into several types based on a number pf factors, The most important of which are Thickness,Purity,Hardness, and chemical compositions. The classifications are summarized in the following types.

Kitchen Countertops that are Ideal for you

If your budget permits, select the best material for your kitchen worktops. A durable and timeless material like granite or quartz can help you keep the beauty of your kitchen for many years. If you choose a lower-end material, you may have to deal with worn out kitchen surfaces sooner.

It is essential to know about the qualities of different stone materials and select one that is suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops, you can rely on Palazzo Stone.

Contact us today, and we will gladly listen to your requirements. Trust that we will help you determine the ideal stone material for your kitchen renovation.

Natural stone ( Granite ) Worktops

Granite 100% natural stone extracted from the earth and form under long procedures need pressure and heat to form different unregulated colours. Granite are solid surfaces and suitable choice for design you kitchen worktops. It comes in two thickness 20mm and 30mm.

Engineered Quartz Worktops

This type of stone manufactured from a mixture of materials, Mostly powders ,mix with special chemical oxided dyes. Quartz is harder than granite as it is not porous and it is considered indestructible. Quartz comes in three thicknesses 12,20, and 30mm. As quartz is not natural stone, it has huge range of colours, from plain white to black starlight which has flecks giving the kitchen incredible view.

Marble Type

It is hard form of limestone and the best option  for flooring,bathroom vanities. Marble is the porous stone and could stain easily, so need to care about the kitchen worktops marble frequently. Although marble it is hard stone, It is the least stone used for kitchen counter-tops.

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