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Cheap Quartz Worktops, Directly from The Manufacturer

Cheap Quartz Worktops

quartz worktops direct

For years, granite worktops were seen as the popular choice for any kitchen worktops but this is something that has changed over the years. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, quartz countertops are the now considered the most popular choice for interior designers; notable for their luxury appearance and durability, it’s not surprising to see why they are so sought after. Here are some reasons why you need to investigate the hype and get a quartz worktops in UK for your own kitchen.

A colour for every design:Manufactured from a naturally occurring mineral, quartz is a stunning material to feature in your kitchen. It comes in a variety of colours, from classic grey, white, browns and black to more outlandish gold or red; it’s sure to suit every kitchen imaginable. An advantage of quartz is that the colour is even and guaranteed to be consistent in every counter slab.

Easy to maintain:Once a quartz worktops in UK has been installed, the manual labour ends there. Other natural stones require more long-term maintenance in terms of sealing. Unlike other stones such as granite, quartz is resistant against staining so does not require a sealant in order to remain pristine for years to come. This makes for a cost-effective worktop for homeowners on a budget.

Hard-wearing & Heat resistant:So many kitchen counters are damaged after installation due to hot pans that leave scold marks. Quartz worktops are able to stand much higher temperatures than other materials, meaning that they are less susceptible to heat damage. Heat pads are still recommended to be used to increase the longevity of your countertops but when mistakes happen and a hot pan is placed down, you have peace of mind that there will be significantly less damage.

Save ££ by Buying Directly from Quartz worktops Direct

Look for a place that takes care of the sale, design, fabrication, and installation. Using a quartz worktops direct that handles its own fabrication and installment, you will be more likely to have skilled artisans handling your countertop restoration or installation. If something goes wrong, you will just have one company to manage, not two or three. More importantly, if you make use of a person that has been in the business for years, you can always request for samples or testimonies of their work. Typically the best place to buy Quartz worktops in London will be a quartz worktops direct like us at Palazzo Stone LTD.

If you are buying your kitchen quartz worktops in London from stone worktops fabricator directly, this mean you will save a lot of money and get the best quality. Al a leading quartz worktops direct, we work with Silestone, Caesartone, Classic quartz, Arenastone, Uinstone, and more quartz slabs supplier.

Template & Installation Quartz Worktops Process

The team of engineers who will be template, cutting, and polishing of your Quartz or Granite worktop have many years of experience that makes them so capable of providing you with an excellent service and product. Your Kitchen quartz worktops will only achieve the highest possible standard around.

quartz worktops directCheap Quartz Worktops  Kent Place

While granite and quartz are going to cost more than, say laminate or wood top, your return on investment is much greater with granite or quartz. This is because granite and quartz are highly sought after countertop materials in the real estate game, so even if you aren’t planning on selling your home in the near future, they will retain their value long after the install. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the durability and beauty of granite or quartz in your kitchen while you use it!

You can save money in your Kitchen countertops by choosing remnant pieces in particular. Since kitchen islands countertops are typically  surface areas we use daily, it may be worth you select granite or quartz countertops that would save you a lot of many and perfectly change the look of your kitchen. We at Palazzo Stone obliged to beat any formal quote by 10% Get A Quote

If you’re interested in quartz worktops  in London, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and Kent , then Palazzo Stone (the leading quartz worktops direct in UK) have the quality materials you need for your dream kitchen design. Contact a member of the team for a free estimate.

Why Choose Palazzo Stone As your quartz worktops supplier in Kent?

Here at Palazzo Stone we are able to supply fit quartz kitchen worktops in  London areas, West London, East London, North London, South East London, Surrey, Essex, Sussex, and Kent, and you can be sure that you are getting the best price within your area as we offer all of our customers the same brilliant price match. We promise to beat absolutely any quote that you can bring to us by 10%! We also give all of our customers a lifetime warranty with their kitchen worktops as standard.

  • FREE quotes
  • BEAT any written quote!
  • FAST installation usually 4 working days

We supply and install all quartz worktops in Kent and surrounding towns, Medway, Maidestone, Swale, Canterbury, Thanet, Shepway, Ashford, Gravesham, Tunbridge, Dover, Sevenoaks, Dartford for:

  1. Quartz Kitchen worktops
  2. Quartz Dining table
  3. Kitchen Granite islands 
  4. Quartz countertops

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