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Template, Supply, and installation Service


♦ Only Small Deposit

♦ 3-5 Days Turnaround

♦ Trusted Family Business

♦ Supply Best Brands of Stone

Kitchen Stone Worktops Full Services

Palazzo Stone is a family business offering you complete solutions with peace of mind. We have over 15 years experience in fabrication of stone worktops and countertops. You can be assured that we handle every project in a friendly and professional manner.



We communicate with you to determine exactly what you hope to achieve within your budget. Our integrity is the cornerstone of our business – and your guarantee that we will never try to sell you something you neither want or need.


Once you have chosen the worktops colour and type for your worktop, we will give you a firm quote so you will know exactly how much your quartz, granite, or marble kitchen worktop will cost, with no surprises later on. On acceptance of the quote and receipt of the deposit (to secure the cost of your stone) we will liaison with you or  your builder  (if you have one) and arrange to pick up an exact template of your kitchen worktops. Then we will start manufacturing your stone countertops and work tirelessly to have your kitchen installed within few days, usually within 4 days.


We will help you select the best materials for your style and design ( joints, overhangs, width, length, thickness, etc). Our speciality is to enhance kitchen &  bathroom and maximize their functionality. 

Measuring and Template

Palazzo Stone is responsible for template kitchen worktops and countertops. Our professional engineers will discuss all issues and concerns related to worktops with our customer. We ask our customers to give us two days notice before the template day. Also, we ask our customer to make sure that they have their sink and hob on site when we come and do the exact measurements.


All outfits fabricated in-house, Palazzo Stone handle the whole process of manufacturing where turnaround times are held more efficient. Our cutting edge computerized system maintaining a continuous surface for the cut, also,a semi-robotic system makes drainer groves and polishing edges.

Quality check is done on regular basis during the fabrication process; there is no trade off or compromise when it comes to quality. Colour variation, polishing, edging and sink cuts delivered at highest standard at all time.


Qualified and skilled tradespeople will provide these services in your home. The whole job often takes less than 5 days. and installation new quartz, granite or marble worktops takes us usually 2-3 hours. You will be surprised at how quickly and efficiently we can complete the project – letting you enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom worktops immediately.

Manage other trades

If you require other trades to be involved (such as plumbers to disconnect and reconnect sinks  and /or electricians for hob or gas) – we’ll take care of all the details. At Palazzo Stone  we see that things are handled correctly the first time.


As a leading manufacturer and supplier  of natural stone, quartz and marble. Our main prerequisite is to offer the highest quality of service and products.