Hard-wearing Kitchen Quartz Worktops 


glass splashback Kent, quartz worktops, quartz countertops,Both slates and marble in their real forms are extremely difficult to maintain over a long period of time.
Marble, being a natural stone is extremely pours and prone to staining. Not only this but it is one of the ‘softer’ stones used for kitchen worktops, thus, is more prone to damage by knocks and general day to day use.

Slates, also a very porous product. Although today you have all sorts of sealants available in UK market that will stop some staining. Palazzo Stone customer report is that it is still very prone to stains. The sealants often need to be re-done regularly and along with the high likelihood that chips will decorate the edges before too long make kitchen worktop a high maintenance decision.

Yes, marble and slate worktops will give your home the industrial (concrete) or elegant (marble) look when they are first installed but the sad fact is that it may not be too long before you are looking forward to your next kitchen renovation!

This is perhaps the reason why quartz worktops companies such as Consentino (Silestone) and Caesarstone are spending millions to find a way to replicate the marble and concrete look that customers so badly want.

Most composite slabs come with a 10 year warranty and are highly heat, scratch and stain resistant. Although they are the easiest stone countertops to maintain (hence the reason why it is becoming a leading kitchen worktops material in UK) it is definitely not indestructible and I encourage you to ask our team how you can care and maintain your kitchen  quartz worktops well as to read any related articles.

How much will a kitchen worktop replacement cost?

One of the first questions I get asked is how much will a worktop replacement cost?

Yes, when you imagine your kitchen looking sensational with a stunning stone worktop and entertaining your guests around a bench top that is the envy to every woman’s (and man’s) eye, you do begin to wonder if a worktop replacement is in your budget.

The good news is that supplies and demands have made stone worktops products much more affordable than it was 4-5 years ago. Quartz and Granite are the fastest growing materials in the worktops and countertops industry in UK, making them not only for the ‘Rich and Famous’ but an affordable luxury for most UK homes.

In saying that quartz and granite kitchen worktops are not a ‘cheap’ option but rather a ‘value’ option. There is something about stones that makes a statement about a home and gives it a higher ‘spec’. This can raise the value of your home by £5 000, £10 000 and even more! So you need to take the overall value into consideration when looking at the figures behind the £ sign of a stone worktop.

Like most products there is a range of options. The price of your marble, quartz , or granite worktops will depend on the type of stone you choose, the colour you choose and also the size of your kitchen surfaces.

In my experience I like to tell people to budget for around £1500 – £22000 for a standard worktops  replacement. Not all kitchen quartz  worktops companies  are equal when it comes to manufacturing and installing your worktop. If you would like your kitchen stone worktops to stand the test of time and look simply stunning for years to come then you have to look for a quartz worktops company or granite worktops company with high experience and has good reputation in this service.

Palazzo Stone team are experts in kitchen worktops replacements and will help you every step of the way. From helping you select your marble, quartz, or granite colour in your own home right up to installing your stunning kitchen countertops.

There has never been a better time to be in the UK market for a new kitchen worktops. Once apon a time you were limited to a few mottled laminate colours, but now, a home owner in London is able to choose from hundreds of colours, patters, textures in materials ranging from natural stone to composite stone, quartz, natural stone, concrete, wood, acrylic and ceramic tile. Of all of these choices, Quartz remains the growing trend in kitchen design.

What is Composite worktops or Quartz worktops?

Composite stone, often referred to as Quartz or Engineered Stone is a man made stone made up of 94% crushed quartz chips bound with an impervious polymer resin in a ratio of 94% quartz to 6% resin.

Quartz Kitchen Worktop  has the look and feel of granite with a few added features.
1. Colour range: Composite stone is available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. There is a colour, texture and pattern for every style of kitchen or bathroom.

2. Durability: Quartz is one of the hardest minerals, coming second to diamond. Most composite stone slabs come with at 10 year product warranty. They are stain, heat and scratch resistant.

3. Easy care and maintenance: Quartz is non-porous and stain resistant. Products such as lemon juice and wine do not stain the surface as can be the case with natural stone.

4. Affordability : it is competitive with most mid-range granite prices making it an affordable luxury for many London home owners.

Quartz kitchen worktop is the largest and most used surface in your kitchen so it is important to be well informed about the product and fabricator you choose helping you make the right choice for your kitchen, design and lifestyle. As leading quartz and granite worktops supplier in London, Palazzo Stone installed thousands of quartz kitchen worktops in London in last years.

Granite Kitchen worktops Trend in UK  London Market?

Quartz worktops

For the last 10 years, granite has been regarded as the most favored worktops stone material. Granite is a natural stone that is relatively heat resistant, durable and comes in fantastic, unique and natural colours. No two slabs are the same. However, it also has major flaws and for quite some time now, several  top materials are emerging and competing with it.

Maintenance Issues

For sure everybody who got granite worktop can tell that they’re stunning and elegant yet very hard to maintain. Keeping its elegant and streak free look needs constant polishing. Plus, granite also needs resealing. It’s no doubt that this kitchen worktop requires more attention and maintenance than any other area at home, from my modest experience I can say that white spirit is the best sealant for granite kitchen worktops.

What brand of quartz worktops is the best?

Are some brands better than others when it comes to choosing a quartz worktops ?   Short answer, Yes.

Here is a list of worldwide recognized brands , Caesarstone, Technistone, Cosentino (Silestone), Cambria, Quarella, Dekton, Unistone, Arenastone, Classic Quartz, CRL, Compac,  and Quartzforms,

In UK  only some of these world wide recognized quartz supplier companies have a real presence and backup.

Ceaserstone:   Israel

Cosentino (Silestone) :  Spain

CQ : China

Quartz worktops cost

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There are many other names in the UK market but often these are imported from china and India and they are not branded  so there will be no warranty on these, Palazzo Stone supply only branded quartz worktops.

It is often hard to visually tell the difference between the Chinese quartz worktops  and the European quartz worktops however there are more vigorous controls as to the ingredients used with the European companies as the need to meet strict health and safety regulations as well as green standards are adhered to, however, they can be slightly more expensive.  We recommend that you ask for the name of brands of quartz to help you make a informed decision when selecting a worktops.

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