Granite vs Quartz Worktops Cost


Yes, when you imagine your kitchen looking astonishing with a stunning stone worktops and pleasurable your guests around a your new worktops that is the desire to every woman’s (and man’s) eye, you do begin to wonder if a worktop replacement is in your budget.

 Asking your self what is the price range for new stone kitchen worktops?

The good news is that quartz and granite worktops are much more affordable than it was 4-5 years ago. Granite and quartz are the fastest growing materials in the countertops  industry, making them not only for the ‘Rich and Famous’ but an affordable luxury for most UK homes.

Palazzo stone say that worktops are not a ‘cheap’ option but rather a ‘value’ option. There is something about stone worktops  that makes a statement about a Kitchen and gives it a higher ‘spec’. This can raise the value of your home by £5000, £10000 and even more! So you need to take the overall value into consideration when looking at the figures behind the £ sign of a stone kitchen worktops.

Like most products there is a range of options. The price of your stone work surface will depend on the type of stone you choose, the colour you choose and also the size of your worktops.

 In our experience I like to tell people to budget for around £1500 –£3000 for a standard kitchen worktops replacement. Not all worktops  fabricators are equal when it comes to manufacturing and installing your countertops. If you would like your kitchen worktop to stand the test of time and look simply stunning for years to come then pick up the phone and give us a call 02083124554. or get free online quote.
We are experts in stone kitchen worktops replacements and will help you every step of the way. From helping you select your stone colour in your own home right up to installing your stunning kitchen worktops.