Marble countertops 2019

Marble Countertops 2019

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Marble countertops have always been popular worldwide to be one of the most preferred by most UK homeowners. Besides the ageless beauty and stylish it exudes, marble can transform a kitchen into a more comfortable and convenient area for all members of a household. It has been a favourite of Londoners to have in their homes for years since its mass production. These countertops, with its raw and natural beauty, is indeed one of the best gifts that mother nature has provided.

Marble mountains have been present for millions of years and used as materials for furniture and artwork. . Marble countertops give more life to a kitchen because of its elegant and luxurious looks.

For many homes the kitchen is the heart of the house and the kitchen countertop is most definitely the most used and abused surface in your house. The worktops also sets the tone for the rest of that space due to its size and central location. Choosing the right worktops material is an important and complex decision, there are a variety of materials, colors and finishes to select from.


Can you use marble countertops in Kitchen?

In general, Palazzo Stone do not advise customers to use marble countertops for kitchen worktops, of course there are some exceptions. These exceptions depend on your origin! In other words, Indian kitchen for examples use a lot of spices that may stain marble countertops, while English kitchens have less likely for staining.

However, there are also some aspects that you need to be aware of before purchasing marble countertops:

1. Marble does have a minimal amount of disadvantages, but it does not degrade marble in any way. Marble is one of the most exquisite of natural stones to have as a countertops in your kitchen. You can consider yourself privileged if you have a marble countertops.

2. Real Marble countertops are sensitive to heat. Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid placing hot objects on the marble countertops. Also, avoid spilling any liquid to prevent stains. If you or your friend spilled something on it, wipe the liquid immediately with a cleaner that is found safe to use on marble.

3. Marble countertops are fragile. If possible, you should also prevent your worktop from being hit with hard objects because it might damage the stone.

4. Marble needs proper care and maintenance for you to enjoy its beauty for an extended period.

5. Having a marble countertops is an investment. It can surely add value to your home. Marble can increase the probability of getting your home sold in no time. You will be surprised by the return in your investment, making you proud of the decision you made.

Italian marble is practically peerless in the natural stone world when it comes to its durability, purity and beauty. It’s synonymous with luxury, elegance and sophistication and is seen as a symbol of status in residential and commercial buildings around the UK.

We provide a vast range of marble products, that can be used for:

  •  Marble countertops
  •  Stone Kitchen worktops
  •  Vanity worktops
  •  Bath Surrounds
  •  Staircases
  •  Fireplaces
  •  Splashbacks
  •  Reception desks
  •  Flooring & Wall cladding
  •  Bar Counters

Marble colours

  • White Marble.
  • Cream Marble.
  • Black Marble.
  • Red Marble.
  • Brown Marble.
  • Pink Marble.
  • Yellow Marble.
  • Green Marble.

Carrara, Statuario, Calacatta, Emperador, and Crema Marfil.Thassos, Arabescato,

Looking for instant quotation?

If you need any help with your worktops , Palazzo Stone in London will gladly accommodate you. We have a wide range of stone products like Granite, Marble, Quartz and we also offer full service,i.e. We template, supply, and install all stone worktops types.

Don’t hesitate to ask Palazzo Stone team for some help with your worktops for your kitchen enhancement plans. You can reach us at 02083124554. Or you can contact us on our email.

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