Marble / Quartz / Granite Staircases

Whatever your style and whether you are thinking of placing your staircases or floor tiles in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere, you are sure to find the absolute perfect stone for your home and lifestyle.

Here at Palazzo Stone, we are able to offer our customers a 10 years  experience and huge collection due to the number of colours and styles we have available. When you choose to come to us you will have over 25,000 colours to choose from. Whether you are looking to place your floor tiles within your own home or a commercial property, we will be able to help.

marble staircaseWhy Choose Stone Staircases?

So, why should you choose Quartz or Marble  for Staircases? Stone s a very popular choice and there are three main reasons why people choose Quartz or Marble so commonly in designing staircases. What makes Quartz so appealing is that it is incredibly for being stain, scratch and heat resistant which makes it perfect for having as your flooring in any room you can think of. Quartz is a very difficult stone to scratch, which is ideal for kitchens and living rooms where there are likely hard and sharp objects to be dropped. If you have a young family, you can rely on your Quartz being durable and long lasting. Once something has been dropped onto the floor tiles, it is very unlikely to scratch at all.

marble flooring palazzo stoneHuge Range of Colours

You will also have the biggest range of colours, shades and styles than any other supplier out there. You will have a whopping 25,000 colours to choose from so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your staircases.

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