Kitchen Quartz worktops In Essex

quartz worktops in Essex

Plain white quartz worktops in Essex

Quartz is a composite made from crushed quartz. The crushed stone is bound together with a resin or cement. About 93% of the product is crushed stone and 7% is resin. Colors can be added to create patterns and hues that are not normally found in granite or marble. Quartz worktops are not exactly natural stone, not exactly laminate tops. They are made from a mineral known as “rock crystal,” but can also be manufactured in nearly any color. There’s a lot to love about quartz countertops, which is why they’re increasingly being installed in homes throughout Essex and across the nation. If you’re in the market for new countertops, consider quartz worktops and all it has to offer.

Benefits of Quartz worktops in Essex for Kitchens:

  1. -Resistant to heat: quartz countertops in Essex can handle very high temperature without cracking or melting. You can put away a hot pot directly on granite or quartz worktops and they will absorb the temperature quickly. This is of value in kitchen and bathrooms, where you will need to put away a hot hair dryer.
  2. -Resistant to scratches:  quartz worktops are very tough and dense material, and will not scratch or crack easily.
  3. -Resistant to stains: this especially applies to darkly toned granite slabs. Usually, darker granite and quartz are denser and therefore less porous. This results in it being resistant to stains.
  4. -Ease of maintenance: for daily cleaning, use soap, warm water and a soft cloth. Light-toned granite and quartz we fit should be sealed every once in a while. The seal will make it impermeable to water and stains.
  5. -A long-term investment: investing in quartz worktops means you will not need to replace your worktops for 10 years at least, if not longer.
  6. Uniform and Clean look: Since all brands of quartz countertops like Silestone, Caesarstone or Unistone are manufactured under controlled conditions, you do not find any natural imperfections or blemishes to bother about.
  7. 10 Year Warranty: Most of the popular quartz countertops come with a 15 year manufacturer warranty. You can enjoy your kitchen or bathroom countertops with peace of mind.

Quartz Worktops In Essex Price Range

Generally, you can find quartz surfaces that run through every price range, with some color groups costing more than top-tier granite and others undercutting natural stone. It is possible to find decent quartz countertops at an affordable price range. Quartz worktops prices starts from £240 till £400 per square meter fully fitted. The cheapest quartz worktops are the sparkly colours,i.e. quartz worktops with flecks. Marble effect quartz,i.e. quartz worktops with marble effect look such as carrara quartz or calacatta quartz are more expensive.

quartz worktops and countertops

costs will vary based on the following:

  • The size of your kitchen or bathroom
  • The quartz worktops color you choose.
  • The number of cutouts that have to be done, such as sink, tap, hob cutout
  • Any upgraded edges you choose, beveled, pencil, ogee, bullnose, or half bull-nose

Quartz worktops Template and installation process in Essex

kitchen quartz worktops in Essex

Kicthen quartz countertops in Essex

  • We will do an acuurate and precise measuring for your kitchen worktops . This helps us achieve a proper fit the first time around, thereby avoiding remakes.
  • We import our quartz slabs in bulk quantity, which reduces our upfront costs. These savings are passed along to you, the customer.
  • Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) stone-cutting machines save time and produce consistent high quality. Custom-shaped islands and upgraded edges can be produced with greater efficiency.
  • Our experienced in-house teams install your kitchen countertops correctly the first time, saving both time and money.

You can give us your quote and we will lower it by 10%.

At Palazzo Stone LTD, We have a wide range of materials and colour available to meet every buyer’s need. We will be happy to give you a free expert advice about the maintenance of granite or help you choose the right colour for your kitchen. In other words, we will be completely devoted to meet the highest standards and quality from the moment you call us until we finish the installation.

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